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Sam Mak has been speaking to audiences for over 20 years. As an Entrepreneur, Sam has helped women business owners learn how to run successful businesses. After 9/11, Sam was asked to do a presentation on Islam for her children’s school. Shortly after that, she was asked to teach about Islam to a group of Air Force Cadets and the requests kept coming.


Sam has enjoyed the intellectual interaction from meeting new groups and learning about what they want to know about Islam. She developed an amazing video series on the common questions that she has been asked about Islam. As a Muslim woman, Sam has talked to community groups and international organizations of the extensive rights of women in Islam.

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True Freedom comes from Forgiveness

I was hurt but did not want to admit it.  I want to be loved, connected and to belong in my community.  I am a minority in my country and sometimes I am different.  I am not the same race and religion of the majority of the people in my country.  I felt like a

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