Our mission is to help your college achieve harmony through diversity and inclusion!

Six Weeks Diversity Academy

Here’s what you’ll get:

Do you want a highly engaged students?

Hi, I’m Sam Mak, and I want to personally welcome you to my website.

The fact you’ve come here tells me there’s something special about you. It tells me you have something inside you that you want to share because you know it’ll help a lot of people. Maybe it is making your students feel included, learning to value differences with others. Maybe it’s breaking down communication barriers.

Or maybe, in some ways, you’re still trying to figure out what it is your college needs to be appealing to a diverse student body. Either way, I know you’re the special kind of person who wants to help other people.

” My mission is to support you in that mission “

I want you to get your goal out there in a big way so you can make a big difference in your student’s lives… and get actually make an impact on their future perceptions of other students that are different from them.

             That may sound exciting.
That may sound scaring.

But either way, it begins with a simple step, and you’ve taken that step by coming here. Many people, just like you, have been really glad they took that step too.

Over the last 20 years, my team and I have helped hundreds of students and employees learn to flourish in diverse organizations.

You know, in a way, you could say I’ve been building bridges all my life.

My very first presentation was to my kids schools to help teachers understand kids from different race, religion, and ethnicities. Then I spent my free time supporting organizations to empower minorities, especially women and better understand the cultures of the Middle East.

I resigned from my position as an Engineer, because I wanted to build minorities up.  The messaging in all our media was creating separations between us. I help college student who are struggling to feel included and connected with my unique process of Smile, Share, Speak.

At the time, I struggling financially, couldn’t afford an office and staff.  I was doing everything by myself down to licking envelopes for my mailing. I was working out of my bedroom and wondering if I could ever make a difference. In fact, I kept looking at the pain and suffering from all the misplaced stereotypes and I wanted to help.

And the next morning, I would get up and try to find a way to channel my anger and disappointments so I could really help people.  Students needed to feel like they belonged.  I wanted to change student engagement, because there were several times in my college years where I felt left out.

Well, today, I have been blessed to share my system on two continents and create thriving diverse groups that know how to support each other.

I feel blessed to be able to teach, train, support people like you – student’s, professors, and college activity planners – who want to make the difference they want to make and want to enhance their school’s reputation for student engagement and retention.

But enough about me.

Let me share how my team and I can help you.

We have a variety of different programs and services that people are excited about. Our flagship program is our 6 week Engagement Made Easy Program, where I work with you online in a group program for six weeks to help you achieve your particular goals. Whether you want to improve student engagement, reduce campus discrimination, or make all students feel more included during their college years.

I would like to ask you for the opportunity to make a big difference in your life – and it won’t even cost you a penny. Let me explain, you see, when it comes to diversity and inclusion, I’ve seen a lot of people fail and/or make expensive mistakes. To help you avoid those fates, I provide a number of free trainings, free videos, free teleseminars and webinars, that will show you how to get improved engagement for maximum impact.

Virtually every day, people email me and tell me they’re blown away by how much I give away for free and how much my free seminars have meant to them. You’ll definitely discover a lot of proven strategies, resources, and shortcuts that you simply wouldn’t know about otherwise. 

Thanks for visiting my site, I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that you’re here, I look forward to supporting you in achieving the dream you have for your life and your project.

Let’s start making great things happen together ….!!!

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