Our mission is to help your college achieve harmony through diversity and inclusion!

College Engagement Tour

About Sam

Sam Mak has been speaking on women and minorities for over 20 years.  She has been invited to share her wisdom on diversity and inclusion from schools and community centers to professional conferences.  Sam’s in depth understanding of two cultures gives her an edge on building bridges for the audience to cross over and experience another world through an insider’s view.  She weaves in humor and personal experiences to enlighten and connect people.

Sam’s background as an engineer gives her the analytical skills to break down differences in gender, ethnicity, and religion to present the information in a simple format.  Her experience as an entrepreneur has given her the perspective on how to create something from nothing.  Sam takes the audience on a incredible journey of peace, light, and connection.

College Tour Tips

  • Learn proven, engagement strategies during a humorous and interactive presentation.
  • Discover the keys to identifying microaggressions and biases and how to improve our communication impact. 
  • Discover how to find the right engagement for up leveling responsiveness and understanding. 
  • Implement Smile Speak Share for great student interactions at no-cost to your institution.
  • Stand out in your area for having students feel included and have a sense of belonging. Create an environment of trust and compassion.
  • Know the latest trends in creating a diverse campus and how inclusion will work for you!